Avian Bowl

Avian bowl encourages youth to study the many aspects of avian sciences.


  • To encourage youth to expand their knowledge of avian facts, and become proficient in poultry management, and related subjects.
  • To help youth with career guidance, and to promote the poultry industry by stimulating interest in poultry and other avian speices
  • To serve as an award activity and trip for youth who have achieved superior levels of performance in state competition and thus stimulate their learning processes, interest, and enthusiasm
  • To make learning fun!

Poultry Judging

Judging is a tool used to develop 4-H club members. Participating in judging and other competitive events helps 4-H'ers learn to make and defend decisions and to speak in public. Poultry judging provides an excellent opportunity for 4-H'ers to learn about live chickens and the basis for grading and evaluating poultry products.

Objectives include:

- To develop youth and help them learn the techniques of logical, accurate decision making, to learn to recognize the reasons for their decisions, and to develop the ability to express their reasons orally

- To help youth learn and understand standards used in poultry production and marketing, and to apply these standards in a realistic decision-making situation

- To serve as an award actvitiy and trip for youth who have achieved superior levels of performance in competition and thus stimulate the learning process, interest and enthusiasm

- To help youth with career guidance

Both of these events are the First Friday of the Kentucky State Fair.

Horticulture Identification and Judging Contest

The production, marketing and buying of fruit, vegetable, flower and ornamental crops requires a detailed knowledge of many subject matter disciplines. This contest is a training program concerned with teaching youth to recognize and identify some of the most important horticultural crops, to learn criteria influencing quality and to be able to answer questions and solve problems relating to the art and science of horticulture.

This event is held the First Saturday of the Kentucky State Fair.

Forestry Judging

Win with Wood (WWW) is a unique opportunity for Kentucky's youth to learn more about forest and the forest products industries and to showcase their talents and skills. This annual fun filled event incorporates both forest products events as well as forestry events. Youth are welcome to participate in as few or as many of the events as desired.

This event is normally held in October.

For more information on any of these events contact 4-H Extension Agent Novella Froman.

Pictured Above is The 2017 State Fair Avian Bowl, Poultry Judging, and Horticulture Team Participants!