paintbrushes with caption "when words are not enough"

The Healing Arts program is a coordinated effort between the Pike County Extension Fine Arts program and Pikeville Medical Center that began in 2011 and ran for two years. Currently, this program isn't operating in full force but we hope to reignite it soon.

Traditionally, the program held an annual art contest among all Pike County public and independent schools in grades 9-12. Winners from each annual contest would then have their work professional framed and hung on the tenth floor of Pikeville Medical Center’s patient rehabilitation wing. All art work was meant to inspire a sense of comfort and serenity and to aid in patient healing. This program was very successful too. In fact, one patient who had minimal-to-no brain activity was recorded as having a physical and mental reaction to the artwork when he viewed it. Amazing!

Click here to download a PDF file of the 2011 Healing Arts student winners.