The Founding Fine Arts Program of the UK Cooperative Extension Service

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Welcome to the Fine Arts program at the Pike County Extension Service!

Our Mission Statement:  "To enrich the quality of life of Pike County citizens and strengthen our communities through the coordination, education, and development of the arts."

Our Program Model:  Pike County is the largest county in Kentucky, and the geographical challenges are substantial. One can drive two hours in any direction and still be within Pike County boundaries. To allow all citizens access to arts programming, Pike County Extension for Fine Arts has dedicated itself to the development of arts venues and programming in each of the five major communities of Pike County: Belfry, Pikeville, Elkhorn City, Phelps, and Shelby Valley. Pike Arts also targets the subcultures of our educational systems, churches, and communities.

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Kristy Stevens, Pike County Fine Arts Agent

Emily Baldridge, Pike County Fine Arts Program Assistant